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Let’s Work Together

Gluten free foodservice experience.

Let’s Work Together

Innovative gluten free supplier

We understand that when you’re looking for a gluten free supplier, a couple of key considerations are experience and innovation. It is important that your supplier has an intimate understanding of the industry and understands the requirements and challenges that exist. You also need to keep abreast with the competition and, preferably, lead your market segment with exciting new concepts.

Product development is an ongoing and very exciting aspect of the Well and Good Foodservice business. We believe this is a key area that sets us apart from the others and makes us a logical choice when choosing a gluten free supplier. Our Managing Director – Sam Barak  is always busy in his kitchen creating new gluten free products and finding different variations to our existing allergy free products. Teamed with the expertise of Mark Tunchon (Technical Director) they jointly head the product development side of the business, and are the vital component that makes Well and Good products unique and accessible to everyone.

Our measure for a successful gluten free product is one that tastes great, is easy to use in various kitchens and equipment and is full of quality allergy free ingredients.  We also feel strongly about providing customers with cost effective products; this means products are consistent, versatile and freeze thaw stable.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you have any queries regarding new product development for the Gluten and Allergy Free Category. We would love to help!

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