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Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

Passion and innovation is in the foundation of every area of our business.

Our food manufacturing prowess is an important strength of our business; hence we are always expanding our capabilities and are open to new growth opportunities.

We have the capacity to blend and pack a variety of dry ingredients that comply with our food safety programme; which includes strict restrictions on certain ingredients. Such as; Gluten, dairy, peanuts, sesame seeds, soybeans, tree nuts, crustaceans and fish. This is an opportunity for our customers to create unique products for the growing health focussed specialty market particularly the Gluten Free and /or Allergy free market.

Currently, we can pack product into finished goods sizes ranging from 40g to 1.2ton. We have mechanised systems to pack products into flexible film/laminate, single bag in a box retail style configuration, heat sealed multi-wall paper bags – lined and unlined, and bulk bags. We can also organise small sachet packs. We can work with you to create specialty customised products that will meet specification and exceed expectations.

To summarise our current food manufacturing capabilities:

•         Custom Blending
•         Bulk Blend
•         Bulk Packing
•         Single serve
•         Batch quantities
•         Concentrate mixes for economies of scale
•         Unique ingredients
•         Test baking
•         Lab testing (physical such as bulk densities; sieve analysis) micro; allergen; nutritional.
•         Product Development;   recipe development;   market research


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