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Problem Solving

Gluten Free Allergy Aware flours and bread mixes

Problem Solving

At Well and Good we take our gluten free product seriously and we want your business to get the best out of our products. Once on board with us, we are able to work with you in a variety of ways. A key area where we can value-add is through problem solving. We will work through your project initialization and work with your fully automated product lines to ensure that the allergen free mixes and flours we provide can work with your equipment.

Gluten Free products can be a little different to wheat based products to work with. We understand the complexities of introducing a gluten free product into your business. Sometimes the answer is simple, all it takes is an experienced outside eye to troubleshoot. Our aim is to ensure that our products produce the very best result for you.

Shelf life testing and daily production variances, assisting with product solutions through to manufacturing issues our experienced team are available to work with you. Where there is a will there is way.

For a quick troubleshooting guide, check out our top tips for:

Gluten Free Baking.
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Providing gluten free food options for your customers is much easier than you think!


In the past, the perceived risk of cross contamination has made the leap into providing gluten free food difficult, something that moves further and further down the ‘to do’ list. Gluten free ingredients are increasingly being used by food manufacturers to add allergen aware value to their existing products or to extend their product range to meet growing customer demand.

Unlike the facilities of thirty years ago, we are all more hygiene aware and bakers and pastry chefs are well  educated in food handling and food safety. Offering Gluten Free alternatives has now become a viable option to businesses of all sizes.

Well and Good can assist you in the establishment of gluten free procedures and ground rules to ensure safe, effective, validated allergen aware and gluten free manufacturing processes.

To get started baking Gluten Free products in your kitchen, check out the 7 tips below:

  1. Schedule the manufacture of Gluten Free products first thing in the morning and separately to other products.
  2. Totally clean down the kitchen the night before production and clean down immediately before production.
  3. Small bakeries can use a dedicated bowl and wooden spoon.
  4. Larger volumes or wholesale bakeries may need to use a dedicated mixing bowl and beaters, paddle or hook.
  5. A dedicated set of tins is ideal; alternatively bake in fancy baking paper or a foil to avoid cross contamination.
  6. If you are baking Gluten Free items with other products, place Gluten Free on the top rack of the oven to avoid falling crumbs.
  7. Validation via laboratory testing will provide in-house and consumer confidence in your busines


For more information or to arrange a sample of our product contact us.



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