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Gluten Free Dinner Roll

Dinner Rolls soft, fluffy and loved by all. the pleasure of buttering a soft light dinner roll while you wait for your meal at a friendly restaurant is ever-present.

Our Gluten Free dinner rolls are a perfect accompaniment to a special restaurant meal; they are also great for sliders and mini rolls. Made from our Gluten Free Artisan bread mix, these delicious little rolls have a slightly sweet flavour, with a soft and aerated centre and chewy golden crust.


Product Code: FR DR

Gluten and Dairy Free Dinner Roll  35-40g each / 72 units in a carton 

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Our NEW Fully Baked Frozen  range is an exciting and much anticipated addition to our current products, we created this gormet range of ready baked breads to accomadte the understand that not all venues have the   the most outstanding devlopment bread to date. This bread mix is the culmination of years of experience in developing gluten free bread mixes and new advances in ingredients.

For extra lovely Dinner Rolls warm them up! – Flash bake for 3-5min at 180° C

Product Specification

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Fully Baked Frozen Gluten Free Dinner Roll

Serving Size 35g
Average QTY Qty PER Serve
Qty PER 100 g
ENERGY kJ 317 905
PROTEIN g 0.2 0.7
FAT TOTAL g 2.3 6.6
Saturated g
Trans Fat g
Carbohydrate TOTAL g 12.7 36.2
Sugars g 1.9 5.4
SODIUM mg 258 736
Gluten mg Not detected Not detected

Nutritional information provided is theoretical only and has been calculated from information obtained from suppliers’ specifications and food composition tables. All information is offered in good faith, without guarantee or obligation for the accuracy or sufficiency thereof.

Allergen Declaration

Cereals containing gluten and their products No Limit of detection: 5ppm
Yeast and derivatives Yes
Crustacea and their products No
Egg and egg products No
Fish and fish products No
Milk and milk products No
Nuts, sesame seeds and their products No
Peanuts, soybeans and their products No
Added sulphites > 10/mg/kg No
Bee pollen No
Propolis No
Royal jelly present as a food or royal jelly present in food No

Other Sensitive Substances

Corn and derivatives Yes
Antioxidants BHA, BHT, tocopherols No
Flavour enhancers including MSG No
Artificial sweetener No
Preservative (s) No
Antioxidant (s) No
Hydrolysed Vegetable protein No
Herbs and Spice extracts No
Allium Genus (onion, spring onion, leek, garlic, other) No
Allium derivatives No
Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, bean sprouts) No
Animal and derivatives (animal flesh, bone stock, animal fat, gelatine, protein) No

Dietary status

Free from added MSG Yes Lacto-ovo Yes
Free from artificial colour Yes Lacto- Yes
Free from artificial flavouring Yes Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes Suitable for coeliacs / gluten intolerant Yes

Other Status

Kosher Certified
Halal Certified
Genetically modified Non GMO
Irradiation Not treated
Ethylene oxide Not treated

Well and Good Food Service certification logos

Version 4.1 Date Issued: 2 April 2014 Approved by: Mark Tunchon, Technical Director









Product Recipes

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Simply thaw and serve!

For warm bread – Flash bake for 3-5min at 180° C