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Gluten Free Premium Crusty Bread Mix Foodservice

Gluten Free Premium Crusty Bread Mix

Gluten Free Premium Crusty Bread

BAG – 15kg (available via your distributor only)

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Available in 15kg or 4 x 1kg portion control packs

Well and Good Gluten Free Premium Crusty Bread Mix has all the flavour and texture of traditional crusty yeast raised bread without the wheat.

Soft on the inside and crusty on the outside it’s reliable, easy-to-use and very versatile; Baguettes, Viennas, Focaccia, Crusty Rolls and Knots, Plaits; as well as Pizza Bases and Pie Pastry.

Product Specification

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Scope This specification covers industrial packaged Gluten Free Crusty Bread Mix.
Purpose The purpose of this specification is to cover the physical, compositional, handling, transportation, usage, storage and other parameters in relation to this product.
Product Description White to off white free flowing powder.
Composition Ingredients: Corn starch, rice flour, modified starch (tapioca, corn), thickeners (466, 464, 461), psyllium husk, dextrose monohydrate, iodised salt, pea protein, vegetable gums (415, 407, 417), emulsifier (471)
Methods of Preservation Dry powder product
Pack Variants 15kg – 1 kg Industrial and food service market
Packaging – Primary • 465 X 660 X 120mm BL70/70/70/HDPE • Multi walled paper bag with PE liner. • 70 GSM Bleached sack kraft • 70 GSM Natural sack Kraft • 70 GSM Natural sack Kraft • 15um HDPE film.
Packaging – Secondary • RSC 276 x 139 x 217mm external • Material: 3B White Line • Layers per pallet: 5 • Pallet height (including pallet): 1220mm • Palletising: 32S • Cartons/Pallet: 160 • Gross Weight (without pallet): 435kg
Storage Conditions Ambient. Away from direct sunlight.
Distribution Method Ambient food approved vehicle / container
Shelf Life 24 Months from date of manufacture.
Customer Preparation Use as ingredient in gluten free food products.
Certification • Australian Coeliac Society endorsement • Codex alimentarius (HACCP) / SQF / WQA certified by BSl • Halal Certified • Kosher Certified
Country of Origin Made in Australia from Imported and Local ingredients.

Qty PER 100 g
ENERGY kJ 1370
Saturated g
Trans g
Carbohydrate TOTAL g 82.5
Sugars g
Fructose g
SODIUM mg 812
Gluten mg Not detected

Nutritional information provided is theoretical only and has been calculated from information obtained from suppliers’ specifications and food composition tables. All information is offered in good faith, without guarantee or obligation for the accuracy or sufficiency thereof.

Allergen Declaration

Cereals containing gluten and their products No Limit of detection: 5ppm
Yeast and derivatives No
Crustacea and their products No
Egg and egg products No
Fish and fish products No
Milk and milk products No
Nuts, sesame seeds and their products No
Peanuts, soybeans and their products No
Added sulphites > 10/mg/kg No
Bee pollen No
Propolis No
Royal jelly present as a food or royal jelly present in food No

Other Sensitive Substances

Corn and derivatives No
Antioxidants BHA, BHT, tocopherols No
Flavour enhancers including MSG No
Artificial sweetener No
Preservative (s) No
Antioxidant (s) No
Hydrolysed Vegetable protein No
Herbs and Spice extracts No
Allium Genus (onion, spring onion, leek, garlic, other) No
Allium derivatives No
Legumes (beans, peas, lentils, bean sprouts) No
Animal and derivatives (animal flesh, bone stock, animal fat, gelatine, protein) No

Dietary status

Free from added MSG Yes Lacto-ovo Yes
Free from artificial colour Yes Lacto- Yes
Free from artificial flavouring Yes Vegan Yes
Vegetarian Yes Suitable for coeliacs / gluten intolerant Yes

Other Status

Kosher Certified
Halal Certified
Genetically modified Non GMO
Irradiation Not treated
Ethylene oxide Not treated

Well and Good Food Service certification logos

Version 3.1 Date Issued: 17 March 2014 Approved by: Sam Barak, Managing Director

Product Recipes

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Premium Crusty Bread mix

Ingredients Required:
  • Premium Crusty bread Mix – 1000 g
  • Water – 850 mL (85%)
  • Oil – 80 mL
  • Yeast – 45 g

  • Preheat oven to 255°C (240°C fan forced)
  • Using planetary mixer, mix water , oil, and yeast; mix well.
  • Add bread mix, and mix on very slow speed for two minutes or until the dough separates from the bowl. Adding a little oil will assist.
  • Allow to sit for 1-2 minutes before dividing and molding.
  • Prove until the dough doubles in size at 38 C and 85%rh
  • Brush tops of dough with oil…..Bake
  • 17-19 minutes for rolls up to 300g
  • 20-23 minutes for breads up to 500g

Note: Use 90% Water(to flour weight) for lighter bread structure, and large roll.  Suitable for hand work.

Pie Top Recipe

Group 1
Ingredients Required:
  • Premium Crusty bread Mix – 1000 g
  • Egg Powder (whole) – 50 g
  • Water – 700 mL
  • Pie Shortening – 100g

Group 2
Ingredients Required:
  • Margarine medium cubes/gems – 500 g

  1. Using a planetary mixer, mix group 1 ingredients for 3 minutes on speed #1 to form an elastic dough.
  2. Add group 2 and mix for up to 1 minute on a very slow speed. Margarine pieces must be visible and roughly dispersed through the dough.
  3. Dough Brake: reduce gradually and perform four half turns. Rotate dough block each time to reduce shrinkage.
  4. If using next day; only do three half turns then cover and store chilled. Do the final fold before gauging to desired thickness.
  5. Dusting: Use the Premium Crusty Bread Mix for dusting flour.

Pie Bottom / Quiche base Recipe

Group 1
Ingredients Required:
  • Premium Crusty bread Mix – 1000 g
  • Egg Powder (whole) – 80 g
  • Water – 800 mL
  • Colour (yellow) – to suit

Group 2
Ingredients Required:
  • Margarine Pie shortening – 200 g

  1. Mix group 1 ingredients for 1 minute on speed #1.
  2. Add group 2 and mix for a further 2 ½ minutes on slow speed.
  3. The dough will be slightly tacky. Dust the work bench with Premium Crusty Bread Mix
  4. Allow to rest for 15 – 30 minutes. The dough will dry and become elastic.