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Here’s a bit of our history: In 2004 when we started Well and Good, there were very few GF and Allergy Free options available to the food service sector, the quality of the products available was very ordinary and not really appropriate for the professional kitchen.


Sam’s dream back then was to make Gluten free products that are delicious and indulgent, that everyone could enjoy together. We did it with our Gluten, Dairy and nut free Chocolate mud cake mix and our super versatile muffin mix.


Over the years we have worked together with industry partners and other manufacturers to improve the quality, taste, texture and functionality of Gluten Free products. We have come a long way in our range of products, revolutionising gluten free Bread with our crusty bread mix and recently improving results in gluten free pies, with our Gluten Free Pastry/ Pasta Flour. We have also developed a dairy and egg free instant custard powder, which is a popular product with vegans and people with allergies to egg and dairy.


In the future we will  see gluten free breads, cakes and pastries being part of every food menu in Australia, encouraging people to eat a greater variety of ingredients. The quality, taste and texture will only get better and better.


I am passionate about developing new products and recipes and love being a part of this exciting, challenging and growing industry. We look forward to working with many more bakers and manufacturers to make Gluten and Allergy free products even more indulgent, delicious and unique.


“Let’s get started” Sam Barak, Managing Director. Well and Good.

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