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Our Team

Our Team

Our team of professionals are aligned with the overall ethos of the company, which is to provide great service, timely and cost effective solutions to our customers and share our technical and practical knowledge of the gluten free market, gluten free and allergy free foodservice products and recipes; Most importantly we are committed to adding value to your business.

Each member of the our experienced team brings a unique set of skills gained through years of experience along with a passion for innovation and great tasting food.



Sam Barak, Managing Director

Sam has extensive experience spanning over 30 years as an accomplished chef, baker, and pastry chef. He has experience in both production management and production development with a number of well known Australian food manufacturers. His vast and valuable contacts within the industry are a great asset to our continued growth.

Sam has an almost instinctual ability to realise new product ideas and a solid understanding of food manufacturing, but even more so for his clients looking for gluten free and allergy free food products.

Qualifications in quality systems further enhance his formidable commercial profile. Sam’s foresight in predicting and meeting public needs has been evidenced by his involvement in the first application in Australia of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and the Glycemic Index (GI) marketing of food.

Sam is driven by a passion for quality and love of great food. This has seen him involved in his contribution to introducing many Australian food firsts, including the smoothies and fruit juice concept, the Texan muffin and the Footy pie.



Mark Tunchon, Quality Assurance Manager

With over 30 years of industry experience, Mark brings to the team a sound background of technical expertise; along with years playing a vital role in complimentary areas of the food industry such as research, quality, logistics, technical services, manufacturing and operations management.

Following ten years of food safety consultancy, in 2004, he joined forces with Sam Barak to eventually establish a small development operation called Yaffa’s Kitchen which was formed in 2006.

Marks role, with Sam is spread amongst varying sectors from development, technical, manufacturing, and business development.




Steve Migliorini, National Sales Manager, Foodservice

Steve began his career working part time in his family’s large plant bakery business located in Melbourne.  After graduating from University and successfully completing a business degree he began his career working as a sales cadet for Australia’s largest flour miller at the time.  After completing training in all facets of the business he began working and developing his sales career, working in senior sales roles for some of the largest food and bakery businesses in Australia and overseas.

Steve’s diverse background covers baking, foodservice, ingredients, flavours and colours. Steve’s focus at Well and Good as National Sales Manager, Foodservice is to grow sales of our gluten free range to large food manufacturers, bakers and the foodservice market. Steve believes the potential sales growth in gluten free products will continue to grow as dietary issues continue to play an important part in people’s lives.


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