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Working with food industry professionals

Working with food industry professionals

Well and Good is a trusted and well regarded Australian manufacturer and developer of gluten and allergy free premixes and flours designed for professional bakeries, large scale manufacturers and smaller cafes/ restaurants. Our focus on working with foodservice operators is what makes us different; we work closely with manufactures to refine particular recipes and products to perfectly suit their unique equipment and processes.

Since we began working with the foodservice industry in 2004 we have seen an increase in the demand for gluten free products due to the greater awareness and diagnosis of coeliac disease and other wheat in-tolerances. We know that your customers are demanding more options and quality in their gluten free products and will work with you to ensure their needs are met. Consumers across the industry – hospitals, aged care, caterers, school, restaurants now expect quality and great taste from gluten free options.

The growing demand for a gluten free offering is undeniable. Businesses of all sizes are now adding a few gluten free alternatives to their menus.

St Kilda café owner Sanjay Premkumar introduced gluten free into his café Kotch Lane three years ago. Sanjay says ‘Introducing gluten free into our café was easier than expected. We added gluten free products to the menu because of the high customer demand. It means we are more approachable and versatile as a business and for people with specific dietary requirements that’s an important factor, and it reinforces the overall welcoming nature of our café. To avoid cross contamination, we wash and sterilise all equipment before use, we store the gluten free products separately and we schedule GF production separately. We bake all our own gluten free bread, and on baking days we sell whole loaves to our regulars, which increases our turnover.

Using  Well and Good products means we are working with professional foodservice ingredients, the flours and recipes are tried and tested and technical advice is there if you need it. The service and support from the team is second to none. The flours are functional and easy to use in any recipe.’

Well and Good products are designed to meet the requirements of a large number of consumers not only Coeliac and those with a broad range of food allergies and intolerances but all lines are also Vegan suitable, Kosher and Halal certified.

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